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  • Available welding rods in Bangladesh: Vortic Marine, Bridge, Bolweld, Ferrospeed, Staincraft 308L-16, Ferroweld 1
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  • Size: 2.5 mm to 5.00 mm

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Available Welding Rods brands & there characteristics:

  • Vortic Marine:

Characteristics: A high quality specially formulated rutile coated all purposes mild steel electrode,
specially designed for vertical and overhead positions, using AC or DC power sources. Weld appearance
is neat and smooth.
Other features include quiet arc and easy slag detach-ability even in deep grooves. Root runs have a neat
profile and smooth appearance with complete freedom from undercut. Spatter level is exceptionally
Applications: The electrode is suitable for general construction, structure and framework, sheet metal
work, ship building, bodies and under frames of railway carriages, wagons, storage tank etc.

  • Bridge:

Used to weld low carbon steel, low alloy steel structures such as steel plates, construction beams, machine manufacturing, part of ship hulls, welding frames, iron gates, common mechanical engineering, construction, use Used in industrial plants, manufacturing, structures.

  • Bolweld:

Characteristics: A general purpose electrode for welding Mild Steel in all positions. It is a
special electrode for fabrication work having good operating and mechanical characteristics.
Weld bead appearance with this electrode is neat and smooth. Slag detach ability is very easy. It
has good arc starting characteristics.
Applications: This electrode is suitable for site fabrication work. Steel structure, frame work,
grill, gates, automotive cab frames etc. can be suitably welded with this electrode.

  • Ferrospeed:

Characteristics: A rutile coated general purpose electrode, the most popular in its class for economy and
versatility. Good penetration and easy slag detach-ability. Easy to use and no special technique is
required. It is suitable for all positional use and particularly for down hand and horizontal-vertical
positions. Gives a sound joint even on rusty plates and uneven joints with higher root gaps.
Applications: General purpose welding of mild steel particularly grills, gates, repair jobs, steel furniture,
steel frame work, truck and bus bodies, super structure of ships and all type of fabrication work.

  •  Staincraft 308L-16:

Characteristics: A rutile type all position low carbon austenitic electrode of the 19% Chromium, 9%
Nickel type suitable for welding of all 18/8 ELC Grades of stainless Steel. The electrode is suitable for
multi pass welding of AISI 308 and 308L Stainless steels. The main advantage is the added corrosion
resistance due to extra low carbon.
Applications: Welding AISI 308 and 308L type Stainless Steel parts in Chemical and Fertilizer plants,
Paper and Pulp Industries, Gas Turbines, Food Industries etc.

  •  Ferroweld 1:

Characteristics: A basic coated, low-Hydrogen electrode designed for welding mild, medium carbon
steel, low alloy steels, medium tensile steels, free cutting and difficult steels, grey cast iron (non machinable deposits) in all positions using AC or DC power sources for complete absence of porosity and
cracking. The composition of the coating ensures high weld metal ductility, extremely low Hydrogen and
absence of other non-metallic inclusions. The electrode allows touch welding and deposits weld metal
of highest radio graphic soundness, free from under bead cracking and high notch ductility at sub zero
temperature. The electrode has a relative smooth running characteristic with easily controlled arc. Ease
of manipulation and low spatter levels produces welds of excellent appearance. The striking end of the
electrode is tipped with a special compound to minimize the risk of “start run” porosity.
Applications: Ferroweld 1 is designed for welding mild, medium carbon steels, low alloy steels, medium
tensile steels, boiler and pressure vessels, pen stock, structured and other components under restrained
conditions and dynamic loading, ship building, steel of doubtful composition, grey cast iron (non machinable deposits), buffer layer prior to hard facing etc.

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Vortic Marine, Bridge, Bolweld, Ferrospeed, Staincraft 308L-16, Ferroweld 1


2.50 mm, 3.20 mm, 4.00 mm, 5.00 mm

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